This has been my most busiest month so far! I have lots of music rehearsals. The first one was practising for the Christmas Crown Road fair. Every year they have a christmas fair along the road just outside the church office and they also have a slot on the outdoors stage, to have some talks from the vicars and testimonies and some music, usually carols. We played some folk style carols and i was singin backing vocals as well as playing the mandolin. That was very stretching as i had not picked up my mandolin in 3 years, so i had to quickly learn all of the chords for the carols (Which were a lot) in a week. In the end i only played the mandolin for a couple of songs and then sang the rest of the time. i was really nervous but it went really well, despite they hadn’t got my mic turned on lol! The next exciting Christmas event was the alternative christmas service held at the church. This was really good. They deced out the church with fairy lights and candles and chandeliers and we played a couple of contemporary chrsitmas songs, by Phiol Wickham and also a few jazzed up carol arrangements. Ali Marshal the youth pastor, preached that evening and it was really good! We watched different clips from movies and the main theme was light in the darkness, and at the end of the service they turned off all the lights and underneath everyones chairs they had put glow sticks. So everyone got them out and snapped them, then held them up, so the church was lit by multicoloured glow sticks. It was awesome! Then we played a few more songs. I really liked the style of that service and thought it was such a great idea for future reference. The next biggest thing was the Traditional Carol service. Matt has put together all the parts for the choir pieces and is conducting an orchestra as well, which is absolutely amazing! He then dropped on me that i was going to be singing a solo, which was the scariest thing that i had ever done. We had about 6/7 rehearsals to get up to speed on all the choir pieces and then we had two performances on December 18th. Unfortunately i was really ill on the week leading up to the carol service and had a nasty virus. I even had to go to A and E one day, so i was really not well, but i managed to drag myself to the performance, and only in God’s strength did i manage to sing my solo. It was touch and go the whole time, even in our last rehearsal before the event i had to lay down as i couldn’t breathe very well and was getting light headed. But i was so pleased that i went as it was so much fun and really great to be a part of it! I haven’t perforemed in a choir like that since i was about 6 years old. It was funny reminiscing over the old times when i used to sing in a children’s choir. The choir was really good, but i never used to sing, i always usesd to mime. I guess i just liked being involved in the choir but was too scared to sing. And now i have just sang my first solo in a proper choir. Wow it is amazing how far God has brought me. I am amazed at the difference of who i was then to who i am now and the things that i have done in God’s strength. It shows that God is really powerful, even strong enough to conquer our own fears, which just seems impossible at the time. When i think about the things that i am still afraid of like talkking to large crowds, getting up on a sunday morning and leading a congregation of 500 people in songs of worship, speaking to a stranger on a bus and telling them about Jesus, prayiung in the middle of the street, it gives me hope to think of how far i have come, and how God has changed me over the years and has conquered my fears one at a time. It is really good to look back at the prayers that God has answered and that is also why i love writing this blog and reading over my previous blogs as i can see the journey in which God is taking me and hopefully you can too! It is really hard to see how you have grown without having evidence of it. Eventhough i haven’t been here that long, i feel like i have grown considerably and have done things that i never dreamed were possible for me to do. So thank you God for everything!

My last christmas performance was the nativity service, playing nursery rhymes to christmas lyrics. Bizarrely enough this was the one thing that i was most nervous about, more than the traditional choir, more than the Crown Road Fair. Don’t ask me why as i don’t have a clue! It really tested my ability to read music and made me realise how my sight reading skills are severely limited, in fact i don’t really have much of a skill there. I suppose i was most nervous about getting it wrong as they were supposedly so simple that anyone could do them. What made it worse was that kids were singing to my playing, theres no sense of timing and rhythm or pausing for me to bluff over my mistakes! I was so relieved after the performance, i got a few things really wrong, but by the grace of God i managed to pick it up again and finish the songs. I will have to say though never again well i play for a nativity, it was an awful experience that i would not like to relive. i may feel differently in years to come, maybe when my sight reading improves, but for now i was just glad it was over! At least it taught me about perseverance and pushing through what is uncomfortable. There is always a lesson to be learnt in any new experience!

After that i went home for a much needed rest. Matt had given me two weeks off for chrsitmas which was so lovely and it was nice to be back home again. I was still recovering from my illness and from working myself too hard so most of the break was sitting on the sofa watching movies and eating chocolate and sleeping. I came home on the 23rd of December which was really strange as as soon as i got home i felt that Christmas came too soon. It was also lovely to have the wonderful Sally Sargeant enjoying the Christmas break with us. It was so nice to have a very close friend to spend time with, since everything for me has been new and different and challenging, so it was nice to have a familiar face from the good old days ūüôā I love you Sally!

Well i am excited about what otehr things God has instore for em for the next few months. I feel that my time at St Stephens is going to go very quickly, but for now i want to be here in the present taking any opportunities that come my way.

Thanks also to everyoen who has been supporting me and praying for me! It  has been wonderful to keep in touch with people that have made a differnce in my life nad helped me a long my journey and walk with God. May God bless you abundantly!

Well bye for now xx




(Women’s Breakfast 2011)


Winter and christmas is finally coming! With it being so warm in October, i thought it would never come. We are now all starting to get ready for the Christmas Service, there is a lot to be done and a lot of preparations to be made. As i was thinking that time has gone so fast this year i started reminicing over my times in Watford and how this time last year i would have just started this incredible journey with God. I never knew i would end up here, doing the things i am doing! I am so lucky to be given such incredible opportunities to grow in my relationship with God, adn learn from such gifted people. I feel that i have started to settle in a lot more know and that my roles in the office are starting to become second nature. It still feels like i have such a  long way to go before i really feel that i know what i am doing but it is great to be surrounded by people encouraging you and cheering you on! What a blessing God has given me!

Well this month i am planning and helping with our autumn women’s breakfast. I was the techie for the day and created a presentation for during the prayer ministry and reflection time. (It felt slightly strange being classed as the technical one, it felt quite fake as i was blagging my way through most of it, but it all held out, thanks be to God!) The presentation took quite a long time of trying to find the right images that suited the theme of the pbreakfast. Our title was Honoured, valued precious and our speaker was talking about taking heart and her personal experiences with God through difficult times and¬†how to take¬†heart, God is faithful and trustworthy. Eventually¬†we found the right images that woudl hoepuflly suite the tone of the morning and would encourage¬†us to reflect on¬†specific points brought up in the talk.¬†The morning was a great success after having a bit of a bad start due to one of the main organisers braking her leg (and was pregnant!) and not having our order for the croissants and pastries on the morning. however God prevailed and we got delicious pastries, (better than the orginal order i think!) and that everyone who wanted to and needed to attend did! There was lots of response after the talk and i think everyone really enjoyed themselves and got a lots out of it.

I was super busy as after i had done the techie things for the morning i then went to a conference about a charity called ASHA in Delhi and sang backing vocals for the worship. The day was great, they had done up the church really nicely with all sorts of brightly coloured garments hanging from the ceiling and pictures all around of previous teams that have gone to work with the charity. After much debating and amazing confirmation from God i am now going to Delhi with the 2012 team! So the day was particularly useful for me as we learnt lots about the work that goes on out there. There are 14 of us going and i am so excited as i have never done anything quite like it before.

The story of how i came to be goin on the trip is great! So i will just give a quick summary of it for you now ūüôā

So i first heard about the trip when i was creating a slide for the first team meeting, inviting anyone who was interested in attending for the 2012 trip. I thought at the time that i would love to go but i wasn’t sure about asking for time off since i have only been here for 3 months. So i put it to the back of my mind and forgot about it. Then after an evening at Life group (Home Group) someone mentioned to me that i should look into going on the trip. Again i thought, it would be so great to be a part of it but i wasn’t sure if i would have time or what Matt would say for me taking a lot of time off. So again i put it to the back of my mind. The next day i was speaking to Matt and out of the blue he asked me ‘have you thought about going on the Delhi trip’ which my reply was ‘Yes i really have!’ It was a surprise to me that the work thing was not an issue and that i would be allowed time off to go. The next problem was money, as in I HAVE NONE! and i had missed the meeting so there was a lot of people that were already confirmed in going on the trip, but Matt got me speaking to the leader of this years trip and immediately she said money is not an issue, everyone fundraises together and helps each other out with costs! So from then on i was going to Delhi! It was such a quick turn around that it didn’t really feel finalized. The next couple of days¬†i was thinking about how i would fundraise, i had half of the fare to get to India but needed another ¬£400 roughly, tehn my dad phoned me up to say that i had a tax rebate which got me just enough to pay for me flight! Praise God! This meant any money i raised could go to the charity itself or help someone else pay for there flight, which was an awesome position to be in!

God is good! And his mercy endures forever! It has already been an incredible journey of discovering how faithful and trustworthy God is! And i haven’t even been to Delhi, so i am looking forward to what God will do out there ūüôā

Well thats all for now,

God Bless x


Hey guys! Wow i am very sorry that this is three months late! I didn’t realise how busy i was going to be here! But i love it. Time has flown by! I may dip into other months as i cannot remember exactly what i did as it’s a bit of a blurr, but i will try my best.

Well the first story to tell you is that i had my 21st birthday! And i was very lucky to go to Italy with my family and my friend. It was fantastic. I had never been to Italy before so it was all new experiences for me! We got up early and went and had breakfast in the gatwick lounge, which was lovely and then we got on the plane and headed out to Italy! We landed in Pisa, so the first thing we did, before we got to the hotel, was to go and see the leaning tower! Wow it really does lean! It was amazing to see, so surreal! My friend and me climbed up to the top, the views were stunning, however i did feel very dizzy, as the gravitational pull is all over the place as you climb up. It took me a while as well as my shoes did not agree with the marble floor, and when there is nothing to hold onto and the tower is leaning, it does not make a good combination! I did consider at one point sitting on my behind and shuffling down the steps of the tower, but i think i would have got in the way of people making their way up and down. In the eveing we had a lovely Italian Pizza (a real Pizza!) in a nice little restaurant just outside the leaning tower. What a picture! Eating pizza with the leaning tower as your view, as the sun is setting. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening!

AFter our meal we journeyed onto our hotel. We stayed on the tuscan riviera, in a place, which it’s name escapes me, in a lovely white hotel. And i mean it was totally white! All the interiors, all the bricks, everything was white! It was like a waiting room to heaven lol! Our rooms were amazing and half way through the holiday we thought they must have given us an upgrade, as it certainly didn’t look like a standard room, as there were not many guests in the hotel.

The first day we spent lounging around the hotel, using their spa, and then we went on a cycle ride along the beach, looking at all the market stalls, and then we got all dressed up and fancy and went to a nice restaurant, for some more amazing Pizza. To my surprise they didn’t have spaghetti bolounaise as a main course in any restaurant that we went into. However all the food we tasted was amazing! They certainly know how to cook! I think most days i spent saying, ‘This is the best food i have ever tasted”

The next day we went to Florence. It is such a beautiful city, however very expensive, so we didn’t buy much there. We saw Michalangelo’s ‘David’ statue and we finally managed to find a restaurant that did Spaghetti as a main dish, although we still had to ask for it, i don’t think it was on the menu! I had Spaghetti Carbonara, which was amazing and tasted divine!

The holiday was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t of asked for a better birthday! But now back to what i have been doing here at St Stephen’s. I feel like i have been completely thrown into the deep end, with leading the congregation in worship. Most of the time i don’t feel i have a clue what i am doing, but i feel i am learning gradually.Most sundays this month i have been playing or leading, fortunately Matt has always played the drums for me, so has been helping me from in his box lol! I can certainly see the journey ahead, the challenges i am going to face and how much i am going to grow! I still feel that i am limiting myself in leading the congregation in worship as i am still very scared of the responsibility it holds. However God is teaching me His grace and that it ¬†is ok to be little me, worshiping and leading others to worship a great and mighty King! I think the idea of leading people is still a scary concept, but God never says we do it alone! Everyone is leading someone, whether thats visible or invisible, we should all live and know the qualities and aspects of a leader as we will all lead someone in our life time and it’s a question of whether we lead them the right way or the wrong way. ¬†So ¬†thats what i am trying to learn here and last year at Soul SUrvivor.

It is an absolute privilege being here and i am still astounded as to how i managed to land in such a place (all thanks and glory be to God!) and i am really appreciative of everyones support. It make it tons easier when you have such great family and friends supporting you! So thank you

God Bless



It seems like such a long time since I have written a post, but yet the his month seems to have flown by!

Well hey everyone, and¬†I hope you are all well and that you had a great summer! Im not sure how many of you know, but I have now finished the Soul Survivor course. Time has seemed to have flown by and as i look back over the course I can see how far God has taken me and how much He has grown, stretched and changed me over the past ten months. As i started the course I was struggling with why had God brought me there,¬†I didn’t feel like¬†I fitted in, but now I can see the journey on which God has lead me and now I see why God took me to Soul survivor. God has taught me about community and how vital it is to have friends around you to help you continue on the path God is taking us and to have them there to pick us up as we fall down and to encourage us and build us up in our faith! Also¬†God has brought me back to His word and given me a knew perspective on it, now when i¬†persevere with reading my bible i find it a joy to discover how God is faithful in all circumstances and how relavent God’s word is to me now! Now i know it is not just a book to make my reading shelf look bulky but its a book to pick apart and learn from. It has brought me comfort and peace, conviction and warning, and love and hope ūüôā The bible is truly incredible! I have learnt so much but i also know that i have loads¬†more to learn.

Soul Survivor seems like such a long time ago, even though it has only been a month. I have now moved on to Twickenham to do a Worship and Communications internship. I have been here for a month now and it has been absolutely incredible! The staff team are so lovely and friendly which has made it really easy to settle in quickly! How i came to be here, is an amazing story of how God really does have everything under control and if we let Him has a plan for all of us. I was sitting having a coffee with my dad, questioning on whatI should be doing next and the first thing that popped on dads phone as this worship internship. I had been asking God what i would be doing after the course. I was very confused as to what I should do whether that be searching for a worship internship like i was previous to going on Soul Survivor, going to University to pursue something in art, which¬†is also what i was¬†passionate about and couldn’t see how it fitted in with doing a worship internship,¬†¬† or do something completely different. I knew God had had put in me a heart for pursuing Him in worship, but after ten months of not really playing my instruments or worship leading at Soul Survior I was doubting that passion inside me. Thankfully God is a gracious, merciful, loving God and knew that I wanted to pursue Him so lead me to this internship. I applied not expecting to get an interview and then they phoned me asking me if i would like to apply for the communications internship as well as the wroship internship. I was astounded by the fact that these passions that i have, leading worship and creating, designing and doing stuff in art, were coming together. So I went and interviewed for both.

As me and my dad were traveling to the church i was thinking well i’ll just come for the experience, I wont get my hopes up, or maybe i would just get one of them, like the communications as i felt slightly more comfortable in that area after having studied it at college. As i got in they prayed for me, which was an amazing start for the interview, and then i just felt complete peace and felt comfortable to be myself. The interview was a long process. I started at about 10:30am and finished at 2pm with a lovely lunch they made for us and the other interviewees. Then i got bakc in the car and on the way home me and dad were discussing what would i do if I only got the communications internship and not the worship internship as i felt that maybe i¬†wasn’t qualified to do worship. I was really struggling as I knew that God wanted me to pursue Him in worship but I felt that maybe i wasn’t cut out to do it. The next three days as i waited for the result, i was frantically praying and trying to put my trust in God, saying your will be done Lord. I felt that this was were God wanted me to be but i couldn’t help feeling I wasn’t good enough for the position. The they called me to say i got both!! I was overjoyed and burst into tears. It was such a huge relief and just showed me that God really does keep His promises! I may have forgotten what God had told me, but He never lets us go, which¬†I am so thankful for!¬†It was a bit of¬† a Joesph from the bible¬†moment. As Joeseph may have felt forgotten and that God had given up on him as he lay in a prison waiting to be freed. But God built him up during those years of waiting, and gave him more than he expected.

So what have i been doing for the past month? Well I started on 30th August and on Mondays and Thursdays I am in the worship department with Matt (worship pastor) and Jonathan (asociate worship pastor). They are both so lovely and encouraging and it’s a privilige to be mentored by them, and then on Tuesdays and Fridays i am with a lady called Heather in the communiations department. She is also so lovely and it’s nice to also be working with a female! Communications side of things is really busy and in the next couple of months i will be managing their monthly newsletter, website updates and slides and notices for the services on a Sunday! It has been slightly overwhleming trying to get to grips with all that i am suppose to do, and there is lots of chances of getting things wrong, but fortunatley they really don’t mind and said that they all have got things wrong and were only human so don’t worry about it. They also said they have a huge recycling tray incase we start to print five hundred flyers with typos on them ūüôā Luckily i haven’t done that yet!

I lead worship for the first time Sunday before last at the 11am, they have four services, 9:15am, 11, 4pm, and 6pm. It was ok, i was very nervous and felt very sick before i did it and i didn’t feel that i sang particularly well and i messed up some of the chords, but on the whole i feel that people were engaging with God, which was cool! I also lead at one of our staff meetings before leading on the Sunday, which went hurrendously wrong, as i didn’t sing in the right key, and messed up all the chord changes etc, however God met with people powerfully and the Spirirt was so present and the place erupted in praise which was incredible, which showed me that it’s not about what I do¬†it’s all about God and what He wants to do. I was worried that i would distract people with bad playing and singing but then another thought came into my head that said that who am I to think I can stop God from doing something, thats placing myself on level with God, which i am absolutely not! It was a harsh lesson learnt but i was so thankful for it and was comforted by how God was gracious with me teaching me that I am not responsible for how the congregation respond, but that I am presenting prayerful and sincere music from the heart. I also lead at the 6pm last night, which was even scarier as it was a guest service so lots of new people, that may not even of known God. But i feel the service went well and we played a song by 100 hours called come as you are which was really great and I felt it wasy to play as i could really connect with the song myself! Again i didn’t feel too great afterwards as i felt that I let my nervousness get to me, and didn’t trust God whole heartldly! I feel that i tried to do it in my strength, expecting the service to go how i had planned in my head, but realized that actually thats for God to descide not me! Im learing and I love how God graciously teaches me and how Matt is so encouraging even when i feel that i didn’t do my best!

Well thats all for now. I can tell that this year i am going to be stretched to my limits! But i am looking forward to growing in my relationship with God and I am excited to see what this year brings!

Well i hope you all have a very good week and keep in touch would love to knwo what you are up to

God bless

Kay-Marie x


Last day of called to Lead course! Our goodbye breakfast.

I can’t believe it has gone that quickly. I am at home now but it hasn’t sunk in that I won’t see the friends I made on the course in my everyday. Pretty much everyone knows what they are dong next, from having a job, to going to university, from working full time in a church. As for me, I am moving this Monday to Twickenham to start my next adventure with God! Im not sure what to expect apart from a refining and a purifying from my maker. I look back on how I was when I first started called to lead and I see how much I have changed since then, I pray that God does the same this time, teaching me and growing me so I can live more for His glory.

I have had an amazing time at the festivals! We started on July 29th at Week A in Stafford. I was on the sports cafe team, serving cold drinks and sweets. It was quite a new venue so there wasn’t many customers, so we had long periods of waiting around. So lots of times we were just watching the skate park next to us. It was crazy, people doing mental jumps and twists, and people falling off the ramps. I felt quite tense every time I saw someone attempt a 360, which one guy actually managed to do with a scooter! We hadn’t seen any injuries, praise God, until the last day! Where a boy tried to jump from ramp to ramp but fell in between a tiny gap. Your leg was not big enough to fall through the gap but it managed it, Ill leave the rest up to your imagination. It was not a pretty sight! But he was ok, apparently he has concussed himself about 5 times and broken almost every bone in his body, so Im thinking the family is pretty used to it.

Apart from the excitement of the sports cafe , the main meetings were incredible. The Holy Spirit was present and God was doing lots in everybody. A ton of people gave there lives to Jesus which was amazing and a joy to have them as part of our family! Lots of people got healed physically and emotionally, and lots of people have come back, prepared to go out and tell the world that Jesus saves. The morning talks were about the life of Joseph, mike went through his trials and change showing how God had His hand in every part of Joseph’s story. The main key points in each of Mike’s ¬†talks were, learn to serve another man’s agender, learn to interpret another man’s dream and don’t sleep with another man’s wife ( I should probably explain that, Mike did a story about cake and opening a fridge door and then one thing leading to another and he ate the cake, it was very funny, but his point was, he went wrong when he opened the fridge door, and when Mrs potiphar came and approached Joseph, he would run out of the other door. He wouldn’t play with sin. I hope that made sense lol!) These talks really hit me, especially the first two. As usually we think about where will I be in ten years, how can I achieve my dreams, and it’s all I focused. Mike also mentioned that we live in a consumerist culture and that is shown by the gadgets we use, Ipad, Iphone, Ipod. When actually God asks us to serve Him and serve others as a primary goal. When Joseph first had his dream, he though it was all about him, saying to his brothers you will all bow down to me. Then he went through a period of time of having to serve other people (Mr Potiphar), then interpreting other peoples dreams instead of his own ( baker, waiter, Pharaoh) avoiding sin, not compromising his dream, even when it seemed like God had forgotten him ( Mrs Potiphar) to then realise that the dream was all about God. Joseph even said to his brothers, don’t be angry with yourselves, because what you intended for harm, God intended for good. He sent me here ahead of you. And in those days the people that got sent ahead was the servants, to prepare the way. Joseph thought it was all about him, but actually he was called to serve his brothers and to serve God. I think that is absolutely incredible and has changed my way of thinking. It is hard to aim to be the servant, when your in a culture that tells you to strive for being the best, but I know that God never leaves us where we’re at. Joseph seemed arrogant at the start, but God humbled him, and used him in incredible ways, and Joseph did eventually become Prime Minister of Egypt, second in command. Which is a huge deal as Pharaoh was like a god to the Egyptians, so Joseph was like second in command to a god, in view of the peoples eyes, but he knew that God’s ways are higher and greater than any other. If you look at the bigger picture God placed Joseph there, and then he used Moses to set His people free. INCREDIBLE! So my biggest prayer for next year is that God humbles me, and teaches me how to serve and find joy in that place of servanthood.

Weeks B and C we had the same talks, however God spoke to me each time, in different ways. The ministry times are always different and at week B I was on enabling, so was got to take part in ¬†praying for people and watching what God was doing. Some amazing things happened. We also did a chat room where we could speak with people one on one and then we could pray fro them. It was a privilege to be trusted enough by someone to listen to their needs. Most of the time I hadn’t a clue what to do or say, so all I could do was pray and wait for God. It was a stretching experiences, but i feel God did lots. There was one particular time, where a girl was telling me some really tough things she was struggling with. She wasn’t a christian but i asked if we could pray for her anyways and she agreed. Then on the last night I went out to the new christians tent to pray for anyone that would like prayer and she ran over to me to tell me she had given her life to Jesus, then she gave me a hug. It was so amazing to see part of her journey with God and it was great to see her so joyful and dancing around. I pray that joy remains in her as she now steps out in her new faith for God.

I was quite ill week C and very tired, but God still did amazing things, and He was teaching me to step out even when I was tired and exhausted. God showed me things that were amazing and when I understand them and get it all written up I will post it up. It was a great time to receive and relax as i was on reserve team, so had lots of spare time.

Then Momentum again was amazing, I met so many great people, and again got to receive lots. It was a very emotionally challenging week, but I know God is taking me on a journey, so I’m thankful that He is working in me.

Im really tired and would love for you guys to pray for my health. I think It would not be great to give everyone cold and sore throats, I’m not sure they would appreciate that.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me with prayers and encouragements. I am going to continue my blog at Twickenham, if you want to still follow with what I am doing. I also want to say thank you again to everyone who supported me financially, I am so glad that I have managed to do this course, God has literally changed my life and is still continuing to change it!

I hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully catch up with you soon

God Bless


Hey Everyone!

How is your July? I am very glad that the sun has come out finally, making it look a bit more like a summer. Im hoping it stays for the festivals.

July has been quiet, as expected. We finished teaching on the 7th and i finished my placement at GirlAbout today. It has been sad to think that called to lead is coming to an end, but I feel that I have made long lasting friendships! At GirlAbout we have been writing lesson plans for schools, and planning a two year structure that we can use over again in differnt schools. This will mean a lot less work in the future as you will have all the lesson plans there as a guide to take into school and then you can edit and change them when you like. Today we finished off our lesson plans and then the team from GirlAbout took Silvia, Jody and me for lunch as a goodbye. It was really lovely and it was amazing to see that they appreciated us. We then went into a gorgeous, spacious room to worship God and give thanks for the stuff He has done in us, the mysteries He has shared with us and the future He has planned for us. Then the GirlAbout Team prayed for us and for our next steps after the course.

It has been really encouraging to hear people say they have seen a change in me. I know God has been doing lots, showing me how to rely on Him more, how to step out and trust in His plan, and I feel that I have grown so much in confidence from when I started this course, however it is really lovely to know that other people have seen that change to, and that I am heading in the right direction. In some ways it’s absolutely amazing, knowing God more and understanding Him more each day as I read His word, step out in what He asks me to do, but in other ways it’s also really difficult as the more I come closer to Jesus the more I see how sinful I am and how much more I need His mercy and grace. I am realizing more that I cannot do anything in my own strength but only the strength God gives me ‘apart from Him, we can do nothing’. I remember once Mike P said that as you grow in christian faith you become more dependant on God. It is a contrast of how we grow up with our earthly parents. We are dependable on our parents and as we grow up they teach us how to live independantly from them, but with our relationship with God the more we grow in understanding and knowing Him, the more we rely on Him, the more we cannot be apart from Him! It’s like God gives our parents the authority to raise us up in His ways and show us His truth and then they give us back to God for Him to use us in His plans. I’m not sure how theologically correct that is, but thats what it reminded me of.

We also had our last cell group last wednesday, which was so sad to say goodbye! They took Nick and me out for an indian, which was delicious and then to my surprise they bought us a life application bible each, which is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it as it gives so much detail about the passages making them so easy to understand. They also gave us cards with encouraging words and a book gift card. It was so lovely to receive such wonderful gifts and to be encouraged and sent off to our next step. I loved my cell group, they have really helped me build up my confidence in worship and given me plenty of opportunities to share my opinions and talk about things that God has placed on my heart! They will be soarly missed!

Friday is when we start week A of the festivals in Stafford. I am a lot more excited now as we have more of an idea of what we are doing. Week A I am on Sports cafe with a few other called to leads and i am excited to see what God is going to do! I feel that i have grown so much in the past ten months but i know its not finished yet and that the festivals will be an experience of a life time that will prepare me more for my knew internship in Twickenham.

Well thank you guys again for praying for me, I have felt really blessed to have friends supporting me and it has been a great encouragement! SO THANK YOU!

I pray you have a great summer, and next time I blog I will be in Twickenham ūüôā


Hey Everyone, welcome to my page!!

I have decided to create a blog instead, which would save me missing people off my mailing list, and apparently it’s the done thing now lol! I hope everyone is having a good summer and enjoying the little bits of sun we have been having! I have had a very sunny June as I went to Spain for a week in my holidays with the lovely Sally and it was gorgeously hot and sunny. It was a nice time to relax before we get really busy at the Soul Survivor festivals!

Since i have been back, things have started to get busier as we’re getting prepared for the festivals. Me and my housemate Yireh are team leading together in the teams lounge, so we have certain responsibilities that we need to sort out, such as the decor of the venue. This should be great fun, as we have free reign to decorate the venue how we please, obviously abiding by health and safety ¬†regulations etc. Then we also have to get in contact with our teams and sort out a daily plan of team meetings and what that will involve. We can do anything we want, from a prep talk to a bible study, so it will be exciting to start to organize that! I would love prayer for boldness and courage as I step out into a more leadership role, it would be great to pray for God’s presence to be with us as we prepare the venue, as we meet the team, and start to work. I would love everyone to feel safe in the team and even though we are serving it would be great if we could all meet with God before we serve for Him. Ultimately it’s all about Jesus and I would love that to be the dynamic of the team. It would also be nice if you could pray that our team gets on with each other and for lots of grace as we will be camping, probably in the rain, and maybe tired and worn out by the end of the conference. I would love to make friendships and be a leader that God wants me to be, that I would serve people that enter the teams lounge for a break, but also I would serve those on my team, and that we would all grow together in understanding a bit more of God’s amazingness!

Thats only for one week lol! In Stafford, week A, I am on the Sports Cafe team, Shepton Mallet, Week B, I am on the enabling team, overseeing the youth praying and stepping in where appropriate, and week C, I am on reserve, so doing odd jobs for people, if needs be. Week C is suppose to be my rest week. It will be great as some of the youth from the new church I will be joining, St Stephens, are coming down so hopefully I will get to spend some time with them, before I go there at the end of August. Again would love some prayer for boldness and courage as I join these different teams. I am a bit apprehensive about it, so would love God to give me peace and confidence in going to serve Him and His people! I am most nervous about the enabling team, I suppose it’s because I am not sure what to expect and sometimes doubt the authority that God gives me, so I would love for God to assure me that I do have authority in Him, not to be over powerful and with a I’m in charge attitude, but with a I can do this because god commissioned me to, and i can help and teach others because God has taught me attitude. That would be lovely thanks!

Well thats all about the festivals. Next is GirlAbout! It has been tough at GirlAbout for the last month or so as I have struggled connecting with the girls at the lunchtime clubs in schools. I still feel like a bit of an outsider, and I don’t feel that will change in three weeks. However I am still persevering and the leader of the sessions Cat, has always reassured me that I am making an impact even though I may not see it now, the things I say, the morals I have and the choices i have made, can have a long-lasting effect on them.

Also we are planning a Barn Dance. This is to raise money for GirlAbout to continue doing the work they are doing! What GirlAbout does is incredible and they so have a heart for young girls in Watford and wanting to see them flourish as unique and individual people rather than bowing down to peer pressure! However they are short on schools resources and money to keep GirlAbout running, although they know that God always provides. So we have planned this Barn Dance and if any of you feel like you would like to support GirlAbout and the work they do then you can book tickets. They are £15 each and this includes a hog roast, and soft drinks, and also a live band and lots of fun! If you want to book a ticket you can e-mail GirlAbout at admin@girlabout.co.uk

We have been doing lots in teaching as well. At the moment we have been doing church history, so within about a month we have gone through 2000 years of church history!! It’s been intense, but also i have learnt lots and it is so interesting, and I have loved learning about how the bible has been interpreted and misinterpreted throughout the years. It really has given me a perspective of where we have come from and the issues involving the church.

Also last week we had a session with Ben Cantelon, where he came taught us about releasing creativity, and then we had a songwriting session afterwards, where i got chance to show one of my songs and get some good constructive feedback on it. It was great fun and it was great to hear what other people had been writing! I feel like my songwriting is improving and I am starting to write more songs, however I still have a long way to go! They say that it is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration! So I just have to keep plugging away at it and persevere.

Well thats about it for the month of June, Thanks for all you prayers and support and hopefully will update you soon on what else has been happening!

Let me know if you like the blog and please pass the link onto anyone who would like to hear about what I am doing! I am hopefully going to keep this up when I go to St Stephens, so if you would still like to hear about what I am doing let me know.

I pray you all have a good week!

God Bless

Kay-Marie x